Silver Dollar Coins

Buying silver dollar coins has become a very popular way of hedging against inflation and it is also a great way of balancing a portfolio risk. The United States has been minting dollar coins since 1794. There are several materials from which the dollar coins are made from and some of them include; copper, brass, gold, nickel and silver but the US silver dollar coin has stood out to be the most popular among coin collectors.  

The reason behind the increased popularity of the American silver coin is due to their high value. Silver dollar coins are very popular for those that collect them with a purpose of investment. People are now investing their money in these coins without any doubt of loss in value. As a result, more and more people are now considering this kind of investment as their first priority. People are now certain that their money will gain value. Many people are now shifting their investing from the stock market. The reason is due to the instability of stock market and the many risks that are involved. 

When minting the US silver dollar coins, 99.9% of silver is used. 10% of copper is added to give the coins more strength and increase their durability. Initially, the US silver dollar coins were know as Trade dollar and they were not used in the domestic but only used for foreign trade. 

As time goes by, the value of the silver dollars tend to increase compared to paper money. It is therefore a better idea investing in silver coins rather than saving it in paper form. It is indeed more affordable investing in silver coins because there is a likelihood of it appreciating in value with time. 

Silver is a valuable metal and it has held its value over ages and it will also continue being worth its value when buying, bartering and trading. It will remain prominent even when the dollar will become a footnote in the history.  

Silver coins are the best collection an avid collector can have since they come with a great reputation a far as looks and quality are concerned. It is therefore an additional benefit after investment. The American Eagle silver dollar coin is known as the most treasured silver coins. 

The value of the dollar is dropping daily and the best way in which you can protect your family from a potential economic fall is by investing in silver coins which are 99.9% pure silver. To learn more about silver dollar coins, click here: